The Moose, Paris

The Moose Bar and Grill. Photo Courtesy: Claudia Cartes, The Moose.

The Moose Bar and Grill

16 rue des 4 Vents

75006 Paris

Metro Stop: Odéon, lines 4 and 10

Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM. Serving food 11:00 AM – 11:50 PM

The Moose Bar and Grill brings the American sports bar experience straight to the heart of Paris.

The Moose features live NFL, NBA and NHL programming, as well as American college sports.   European rugby matches also work well with the huge selection of beer here.

The Moose serves a generous selection of sports grill favorites: sandwiches, hamburgers, and even hot dogs.  Canadian poutines, the tailgate-like combo of french fries, cheese, and light gravy, are also a crowd favorite.

A look down the bar at The Moose. Photo Courtesy: Claudia Cartes, The Moose.

Frog Revolution Restaurant and Microbrewery, Paris

revo beer
Microbrews at Frog Revolution. Photo Courtesy Alexandra Berry, Frog Revolution.

Frog Revolution

9 Rue de la Bastille

75004 Paris

Metro Stop: Bastille, lines 1, 5 and 8

Hours: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM daily

Frog Revolution is one of nine Frog Pub microbreweries in France, proudly selling over one million pints of award-winning craft beer per year.

American visitors feel nice and cozy at Frog Revolution, with everything from cheeseburgers to veggie burgers to nachos on the menu.  Frog Revolution craft beers, with names like London Porter, Dunkelblond and Dark De Triomphe, remind guests they are still in Paris.

Frog Revolution further attracts the international crowd with live NFL football and rugby matches on generous TV screens.  In fact, a sister pub, The Frog at Bercy Village, has the largest HD screen in Paris.

Great wifi is available at Frog Revolution, and English is spoken and welcome.

revo bar
The microbrew lineup at Frog Revolution. Photo Courtesy Alexandra Berry, Frog Revolution
revolution facade
Frog Revolution. Photo Courtesy Alexandra Berry, Frog Revolution
Revolution salle 3 (1) rotate
Inside Frog Revolution. Photo Courtesy Alexandra Berry, Frog Revolution

The Best American Bars in Paris are Canadian

I never found a decent American sports bar in Paris.

But I found some great Canadian sports bars.

If you find yourself in Paris longing to watch sports and drink beer, try these two places:


The Great Canadian Pub.  I learned to love the sport of Rugby at this place.  The staff and people here are amazing, and you will love the food.  Very much like a sports bar back in the US.  Or Canada.  Plenty of hockey to been seen here also.

Paris is great in the spring, but this pub is best in the winter.  Sitting by a snowy window watching rugby or hockey here is tough to beat.

Check out the website’s photos galleries and you will get a great sense of the place and its people.

Located about a block outside the Saint-Michel Metro station.


The Moose.  If the Great Canadian is closer to a dance bar (which it isn’t) The Moose is closer to a dive bar (it’s not).  The Moose has more of a mellow feel, but the staff and people are just as Great.  You’ll find perfect bar food.  Hamburgers, onion rings, french fries.

The Moose is a great spot for the early early morning Super Bowl party every year.  Be sure to check it out if your timing permits.  The Moose also does a great job with the NCAA basketball tournament.

Just up the road near the Odeon Metro station.

Experiences – London

            It’s been said by plenty of folks that it’s better to collect experiences than material things. If you think back, I bet you’ll remember experiences – or the specific feelings you had during those experiences – more so than things you owned. Remember the feeling when you bought that Corvette? I bet it was washed out by feelings of insurance and gas and payments. Remember that vacation you took with that boy/girl? Nothing washed that out. Never will. That memory only gets better.

            London is built for the experiences-not-possessions lifestyle. The city has placed housing prices really high, such that you might not have much square footage to store possessions anyway.

            Also helping out this lifestyle are the good folks at Apple Inc. With your Ipad/Iphone, you don’t need any space to store your records or books anymore. Hell, you don’t even really need an entertainment center for your TV anymore. You can watch your Ipad. Now you just need 1) a bed 2) a shower and 3) a kitchen. The clutter-free lifestyle is here.

            So, experiences. London has much to offer, and is really the whole point of the city in the first place.

            If it’s music you like, it’s everywhere. All major recording artists, regardless of genre will stop here to perform. This even includes country music artists from the US, which sorta seem out of place and therefore kinda cool. And there will be plenty of live music in the pubs, subway and all around town. Please fill the tip jars of these performers, lest they go away and make the city less interesting.

            Sports fans swim in activity here. Outside the obvious spectacles of the Olympics, Wimbledon, and rabid Football (soccer) frenzy, you’ll find more. NFL fans from the US now get the regular occurance of NFL games at Wembley Stadium.  Better yet, they can get to know the sport of rugby. Rugby will do just fine to meet the requirements of American football fans.

            Movie buffs will constantly be in the middle of the London premiere of the next great film. Not to mention the fact that the city itself is like a movie. Plenty of films are produced in London as well.

            For the dating crowd – what more do you want? Clubs and pubs everywhere, so many concerts that you will need to be picky, and who knows whom you’ll meet on the Tube.

            Just as important to note is that London is a great jump off point for experiences all around Europe. Heathrow airport hosts plenty of airlines, from discounted to luxurious. Just think of all the places that are less than a two hours flight from Heathrow. Or don’t think of them, and just read this list:


Paris, France

Munich, Germany

Bilbao, Spain

Zurich, Switzerland

Dublin, Ireland

Amsterdam, Netherlands


              There are volumes of experiences to be had in any of these places.

              In contrast, think of all of the places you can visit in a two-hour flight from Des Moines, Iowa:


Denver, Colorado

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chicago, Illinois

I’m sure there’s more, but Paris isn’t one of them.


                Note that you will pay big for airfare out of this city, and many other US cities, as the discount airline idea hasn’t fully caught on.

                Enjoy London.  Your new open ended playground.