Photo: Beautiful Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

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Beautiful Hindu figures, color, and architecture.  Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore



Best Of Iceland! Elding Adventure At Sea Tours

Whale Watching Iceland Elding
Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland

Elding Adventure At Sea Tours

Aegisgardur 7, 101 Reykjavik

Best of Iceland!  Elding Adventure At Sea Tours provide the chance to see nature at its’ breathtaking best.  Elding’s 14 boats, many with inside and outside viewing platforms, travel year-round to find whales, dolphins, puffins, and more.

The most common sights on Elding tours are white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises, and Minke whales.  Humpback whales, orcas, and blue whales are less common and thus all the more rewarding to see.  For best overall viewing, plan for tours April through October.


Elding Whale Watching from Reykjavik Iceland
Humpback Whale in Winter, Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland.
Whale Watching Iceland Orca Killer Whale
Orca Whales, Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland

Elding tours last around three hours, and vary based on weather and availability of sea life.  Departures at 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, from both the Reykjavik and Akureyri docks.  Dress warm, and also note that Elding provide overalls for passengers for extra warmth.   Many Elding boats also include a cafe.

Elding offers a variety of tours, including whale watching trips, puffin watching, northern lights tours, and trips to nearby Videy island.


Whale Watching Iceland Puffins
Puffin Island Tour, Elding Adventure At Sea Tours, Iceland
11 Videy island
Videy Island Tour, Elding Adventure At Sea Tours, Iceland

Photo Credit: Elding Adventure At Sea


Great Location in Bilbao! NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao

One of the best hotel locations in Bilbao, Spain.   NH Hotel Villa De Bilbao

Gran Via, 87, 48011 Bilbao, Spain

Location, location, location!  NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao enjoys prime real estate in Bilbao city centre.  Within the same city block, travelers find fine dining, pubs, and specialty shops: comic book and toy stores to name a couple.  Bilbao’s old town and main bus station are close.  The Guggenheim museum is also well within walking distance at 0.6 miles away.

The hotel is part of the worldwide NH Collection, and delivers luxury and comfort in line with the brand.  A centerpiece of the NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao is the restaurant Le Bol Blanc (The White Bowl, from French).  Guests rave about the lush, organic breakfast buffet there, and Basque cuisine at dinner just gets better.

Lush, organic breakfast buffet at Le Bol Blanc.   NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao
Basque cuisine at Le Bol Blanc.   NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao

Guests choose from junior, premium, or superior rooms, in ascending order of more space and better view.  All room levels have flat screen tv’s, wi-fi, and rain effect showers.  Also included is access to the roof-level gym, and access to a larger nearby gym.  After the stay, the Bilbao airport is a short seven miles away.

Premium room.   NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao
Reception area at NH Hotel Villa de Bilbao

Photo Credit: NH Hotel Collection

Best Of Bilbao! Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp

Travel and Adventure!   Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp

For one of the best adventure and travel experiences in Bilbao, head to Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp.

Located just 12 miles from the Bilbao Airport, this 2004-established surf camp provides a full week-long immersion in surfing – although guests can also arrange for shorter stays.

New surf students begin on nearby Barinatxe and Arrietara beaches, which have perfect beginner-sized waves.  Instruction comes from local surf-federation-qualified instructors, many of whom have competed on the world surf stage.

Beautiful surf in the Basque region: Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp

More experienced surfers can go five minutes away to beaches La Galea, Sopelana, Meñakoz, and Plentzia.  Or, for some of the best surf in Europe, Bakio and Mundaka beaches are 20 minutes away from camp.

19th century Basque building houses guests at Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp

Surf students stay at the 75-guest surf house, a 19th century Basque building which itself is a sight to see.  Seven nights of stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner, wetsuits, wi-fi, and airport transfers are included in surf camp “tuition”.

While off the waves, students can also experience rock climbing, skateboarding, archery, and ping pong, all also included.

Bilbao Surf Camp video:

Before jumping in:  beach instruction at Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp
From beginners to experienced surfers: Nomad Surfers Bilbao Surf Camp

Photo credit: Nomad Surfers

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Best Of Bilbao! ad hoc Cascanueces Restaurant

Tomates de Lodosa
Tomates de Lodosa.  ad hoc Cascanueces.  Bilbao, Spain.


Heros 21, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain

Less than a 10 minute walk from the Guggenheim Museum, ad hoc Cascanueces consistently delivers one of most memorable dining experiences in Bilbao.

Chef Diego Valdivielso and sommelier Oscar Vila’s customer service and attentiveness is based in the belief that the best wine “is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that is shared”.

Some of the better known dishes at ad hoc Cascanueces include Japanese pasta with lacquered bacon, octopus and spicy mayonnaise, scorpionfish with wild rice, and red tuna tatami.  The dessert known as Postre Bosque Dulce (sweet forest dessert) is smash hit with diners.

ad hoc Cascanueces (Cascanueces = “Nutcracker” in English) is consistently one of the highest rated restaurants in Bilbao.

Travelers will find presentation of all dishes in fluent English when desired.

Postre Bosque Dulce (sweet forest dessert). ad hoc Cascanueces
Ad Hoc Cascanueces
ad hoc Cascanueces. Bilbao, Spain.
Tataki de atun rojo
Tataki de atun rojo (tuna tataki).  ad hoc Cascanueces
Picanha brasileña
Picanha Brasilena.  ad hoc Cascanueces

Photo credit: ad hoc Cascanueces

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