Best Of Iceland! Elding Adventure At Sea Tours

Whale Watching Iceland Elding
Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland

Elding Adventure At Sea Tours

Aegisgardur 7, 101 Reykjavik

Best of Iceland!  Elding Adventure At Sea Tours provide the chance to see nature at its’ breathtaking best.  Elding’s 14 boats, many with inside and outside viewing platforms, travel year-round to find whales, dolphins, puffins, and more.

The most common sights on Elding tours are white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises, and Minke whales.  Humpback whales, orcas, and blue whales are less common and thus all the more rewarding to see.  For best overall viewing, plan for tours April through October.


Elding Whale Watching from Reykjavik Iceland
Humpback Whale in Winter, Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland.
Whale Watching Iceland Orca Killer Whale
Orca Whales, Elding Whale Watching Tours, Iceland

Elding tours last around three hours, and vary based on weather and availability of sea life.  Departures at 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, from both the Reykjavik and Akureyri docks.  Dress warm, and also note that Elding provide overalls for passengers for extra warmth.   Many Elding boats also include a cafe.

Elding offers a variety of tours, including whale watching trips, puffin watching, northern lights tours, and trips to nearby Videy island.


Whale Watching Iceland Puffins
Puffin Island Tour, Elding Adventure At Sea Tours, Iceland
11 Videy island
Videy Island Tour, Elding Adventure At Sea Tours, Iceland

Photo Credit: Elding Adventure At Sea



Relax and Rejuvenate: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Become part of a natural wonder: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

240 Grindavík, Iceland

The rejuvenating, relaxing geothermal waters of Blue Lagoon, Iceland are among the top spa destinations in the world.  And the view here is amazing.

Waters at the Blue Lagoon stay around 100F, and naturally renew themselves every 40 hours.   The water is just 4.5 feet / 1.4 meters at the deepest point.

Rejuvenation at Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Visit year-round: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Located 30 miles / 47 km southwest of Reyjavik, the Blue Lagoon is supported by an on-site spa, hotel, and restaurant to supplement the experience.

Upon arrival, visitors are equipped with a wristband, which works like a locker key and credit card.  Very handy for keeping track of your things, and buying drinks while in the water.

Surrounding campus of Blue Lagoon, Iceland

There are a few things to keep in mind while visiting Blue Lagoon, such as staying hydrated, removing jewelry, and proper use of conditioner.  A video with the best tips can be found here: YouTube guide to visiting Blue Lagoon

Note that the staff supporting the Blue Lagoon are known for keeping an incredibly clean  facility.  Pre-booking is required.


Photo Credit: Blue Lagoon, Iceland.


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The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland


Stay outdoors while being indoors.  The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland.

Hrosshagi 2, Skalholt 801, Iceland

The 5 Million Star Hotel offers just that: a clear and amazing view of 5 million stars and the aurora borealis. Less than one hour drive east from Reykjavic, guests stay outdoors – and simultaneously indoors – inside one of five heated bubbles nestled in the forest.

Each bubble fits two adults, with a huge bed with an unbeatable view of the sky and forest.  A nearby, centrally located shared services area has the well-appointed shower and kitchen facilities.  Each bubble is equipped with electrical outlets so guest iPhones stay well-charged.

One of the most unique and rewarding experiences in Iceland – the 5 Million Star Hotel.

Choose from five bubbles: Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis, or Maria.


Unbeatable views of the sky and forest.  The 5 Million Star Hotel, Iceland.

Photo Credit: 5 Million Star Hotel

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Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland

Frost og Funi pic 4
Along the river Varma.  Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland.


Hverhamar, 810 Hveragerði, Iceland

Located 30 miles east from Reykjavic on Route 1/Ring Road, Frost and Fire Hotel is home base for Iceland experience seekers.

Guests can choose from salmon fishing (with fishing permits sold at reception), snorkeling in nearby clear waters, Icelandic horse riding, Jeep tours, and several different difficulty levels of mountain biking – all close by Frost and Fire.

Rooms range from $168 to $510 per night.  Guests can choose from single, double, and even family size rooms.

The on-site restaurant Varma specializes in the Iceland slow food concept (small scale local producers and farmers), with views overlooking the river.

F&F pic3
Nighttime views. Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland.
Frost_og_funi pic 1
Guest room.  Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland.


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Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon, Iceland


Hnapavellir, 785 Öræfi, Iceland

Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon is perfectly placed on the East coast of Iceland, with views of spectacular waterfalls, mountains, grazing sheep, and ocean.  This is picturesque Iceland,  and a great find for hikers.

Using Fosshotel as a home base, visitors can drive just 20 minutes to the west to Skaftafell wilderness area, and 20 minutes east to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.

Fosshotel offers standard, deluxe, and suite accommodations.  Meeting rooms are also available.  The on-site restaurant features modern Icelandic cuisine with ocean views, and the lounge bar fireplace invites all.

Free breakfast, parking, and wi-fi are included.

Reception, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
Patio View, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
Lounge Bar, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
Nearby Views: Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
Suite, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon
Suite, Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon

Photo Credit: Fosshotel Ebenezer Þórarinn Einarsson


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