Breathtaking Views in Bilbao, Spain! Gran Hotel Domine


Only hotel in Bilbao overlooking the Guggenheim Museum.  Gran Hotel Domine.


Mazarredo Zumarkalea, 61, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

Gran Hotel Domine commands one of the best possible locations in Bilbao.  Just a 15 minute drive from the airport, guests will stay at the only hotel in Bilbao overlooking the Guggenheim Museum and the famous giant Puppy topiary.

Gran Hotel Domine is surrounded by world-class views, and its’ interior is designed to match.  From the street view, to its’ restaurants, rooms, and bars, Domine keeps aesthetics at a high level throughout.

The Gran Hotel Domine experience is also crafted to match, with widely-known excellent customer service, rooftop terrance breakfasts, and highest-tech gym equipment.

Guests can choose from Premier, Deluxe, and Superior rooms; all well-appointed.  Note that Gran Hotel Domine enjoyed a complete renovation in 2017, stepping up the already high-level experience.

Atrio • _81Q4038_B
Atrium. Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao, Spain
Deluxe Suite Guggenheim Views • 7538_39_40_41
Deluxe Suite. Grand Hotel Domine
Premier Guggenheim Views Baño • 7583_4 1_5
Bathroom, Premier Guggenheim Suite.  Gran Hotel Domine.
Superior City Views Baño • 7257_9
Superior City View Room.  Grand Hotel Domine.
Terraza • _81Q2866_8
Rooftop terrace overlooking the Guggenheim. Gran Hotel Domine.
Food Beltz • 0079_B
Dinner at Beltz the Black Restaurant at Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao.
Gimnasio • 7713
Exercise with a view of the Guggenheim.  Gran Hotel Domine.
Le Café • 0748_50_B
Street level restaurant across from the Puppy topiary.  Le Cafe.  Gran Hotel Domine.
Le Café • _81Q3938_B
Street View.  Gran Hotel Domine.

Photo credit: Gran Hotel Domine

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The Best Of Bilbao: Gran Hotel Domine

Not many hotels can boast a 30-foot tall puppy made of flowers outside one door, and an amazing gelato shop outside the opposite door.

Bilbao’s Gran Hotel Domine sits in an enviable location, just across a four-lane street from the Guggenheim Museum’s front terrace. The famous Puppy sculpture sits in full view outside the lobby and lower level windows of the Domine.

front facade of Bilbao's Gran Hotel Domine
front facade of Bilbao’s Gran Hotel Domine

The hotel itself, which is regarded as a five-star location, was designed and built after the Guggenheim Museum. It fits well with the Museum’s architecture and intent. Inside the Domine lobby, you’ll find that the waiting area itself has functional pieces of art – notably a funky red couch.

At check in, you’ll find most every member of Domine staff speaks English, and are highly accommodating. Check-in is swift, cab calls are quick, and reasonable wishes are granted.

The hotel’s distinct design continues as you head to your room. Even the room numbers and hallway markings are included in the in-house art show. Rooms are plush and confortable, with signature soap you have never seen before.

2nd floor hallway at Gran Hotel Domine
2nd floor hallway at Gran Hotel Domine

One of the better features of the hotel is the rooftop restaurant Doma. This is the setting for the hotel breakfast buffet, which itself is extravagant. Westerners will appreciate the choice of pancakes, waffles, and eggs – just like home. Better yet, the outdoor terrace of Doma provides amazing views of the surrounding landscape. From here, you can see the top of the Puppy’s head in full bloom.

view from the rooftop restaurant Doma, at Gran Hotel Domine
view from the rooftop restaurant Doma, at Gran Hotel Domine

The ground level of the hotel features Le Café Metropol. The entire front wall of this café is glass, providing great view of the museum, and satisfying people-watching.  In contrast, the ground floor also contains the bar Splash and Crash. Here you can be the object of other people’s watching, up until 3:00 AM on the weekends.

Just outside the back of the lobby, at the side street, is the Amorino Gelato Au Naturale shop (translation for gelato: ice cream). This is a franchise gelato/cake/milkshake shop, with colorful options. From here, you can take the most scenic walk you have ever taken with an ice cream cone.

Rack rates at Gran Hotel Domine can be found for as low as 143€ ($180 U.S.) for a two person Domine room. Prices go up from there for deluxe rooms and junior suites. For an even higher price, the Domine offers Guggenheim Suites: sixth-floor rooms with terraces and direct views of the Guggenheim Museum. These suites also contain artwork from the designer of the hotel, Javier Mariscal. If you want to go really crazy, the presidential suite has all of this, plus amenities from Bulgari.

But, the view of the Puppy from the first floor is always free.