Parisian Craft Beers: Paname Brewing Company, Paris

Paname  Brewing Company , Paris
craft beer selection at Paname Brewing Company , Paris

Paname Brewing Company, Paris

41 bis Quai de la Loire

75017 Paris

Metro: Crimée, line 7

Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM daily

The waters of Basin de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement provide an incredible setting for Paname Brewing Company’s Parisian craft beers.

Followers of the craft beer movement in Paris will love Paname’s selection, which includes:

  • Le Barge Du Canal, IPA
  • L’Oeil De Biche, Pale Ale
  • Un Singe En Hiver, Pre-Prohibition Lager
  • Casque D’Or Saison, Belgian Wheat
  • Bete Noire Black IPA, Black Ale

Paname also has a rock solid brewery menu serving up cheeseburgers, salads, pizza, and even cheesecake.

No reservations needed – tables are first come, first served.

Paname Brewing Company, Paris
the water views at Paname Brewing Company, Paris
Paname Brewing Company, Paris
Paname Brewing Company, Paris

Photos courtesy Paname Brewing Company


Craft Beer and Rock Music: Le Supercoin, Paris

Le Supercoin, Paris
sample of bottled beers at Le Supercoin, Paris

Le Supercoin, Paris

3 rue Baudelique

75018 Paris

Metro: Simplon, line 4

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM, Sunday 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Le Supercoin is billed as a “pop rock garage bistro”, and described by most as a friendly, lively and downright cool place to enjoy a good beer and a good night.

Craft beer is Le Supercoin’s thing.  It regularly features French craft beer on tap, along with a Czech beer selection and more.  American-style pale ales and IPA’s are available too.

The backdrop of music at Le Supercoin has a rock/grunge rock leaning, but does not overpower conversations.  The occasional live band adds to the overall effect.

After sampling the beer selection, Le Supercoin also has a whiskey collection to work through.

Le Supercoin, Paris
Le Supercoin, Paris

Photos courtesy Le Supercoin

Craft Beer in Paris: Bar La Fine Mousse

chalkboard menu at bar La Fine Mousse, Paris
chalkboard menu at bar La Fine Mousse, Paris

Bar La Fine Mousse, Paris

6 Avenue Jean Aicard

75011 Paris

Metro: Rue Saint-Maur, line 3

Hours: 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM daily

Craft beer aficionados, locals, and the occasional jazz band find a home at bar La Fine Mousse in the 11th arrondissement.

La Fine Mousse sports 20 taps of craft beer, each advertised on the chalkboard menu above the bar.  French and Belgian offerings are frequent, as are British and Danish.  Beer geeks around the world rave about the thorough selection.

La Fine Mousse caters to the local after work crowd and craft-beer-loving tourists all the same.  Beer artisans will help pick out a brew in English if needed.

The restaurant of the same name across the street has all of the beer selections with great food pairings.

Bar La Fine Mousse, Paris
Bar La Fine Mousse, Paris
Bar La Fine Mousse, Paris
Bar La Fine Mousse, Paris
Photos courtesy La Fine Mousse