Holiday Gift Ideas From Paris

Munich - a postcard Christmas setting
holiday shopping season is just around the corner

For some new holiday gift ideas that are sure to surprise and delight, check out the sample selection below from some Parisian favorites:

Chocolat Chapon Online Shop:

This absolutely beautiful website has gifts to match.  Check out the “Box Agates” with 12 of the chocolatier’s creations in a stunningly colorful box that itself is a work of art.  The picture below shows four “floors” of chocolate, with each floor available for €33 ($37 US Sept 2015).  Box Agates from Chocolat Chapon

Chocolat Chapon Box Agates
Box Agates from Chocolate Chapon, Paris

Another example from Chocolat Chapon: the Coffret “Pop Ups” gift boxes. These gifts combine the love of chocolate with the fun of a children’s pop-up book. Select from the Paris, Summer, Champagne, Anniversary, or Butterfly boxes.  €23 each ($26 US Sept 2015).  Coffret Pop-Up from Chocolat Chapon

Coffret Pop-Ups, Chocolat Chapon
Coffret Pop-Ups from Chocolat Chapon, Paris

Henri Le Roux Chocolatier Online Shop

Henri Le Roux’s online shop covers the great creations of one of Paris’ most famous chocolatiers.  The Luxury Chocolate Box includes 1.4 lbs of beautifully arranged dark and milk chocolates.  A single plate of chocolate (as pictured below) is €77 ($87 US Sept 2015).   Luxury Chocolate Box from Henri Le Roux

Luxury Chocolate Box from Henri Le Roux, Paris

À la Mère de Famille Cookbook

The cookbook “À la Mère de Famille: Recipes from the Beloved Parisian Confectioner” brings Parisian treats home to everyone’s kitchen.  Available in Kindle and hardcover formats, this book provides the steps to great cakes, ice cream, and more to most any baker.  Kindle $14.57, Hardcover $27.51.  A la Mere de Famille Cookbook

a la mere de famille book
cookbook from A la Mere de Famille

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas From Paris

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  2. We bought a china figurine of a young boy and girl on a sleigh in Paris a couple of years ago that is one of our favorite holiday decorations, because it comes with the memory of Paris.

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