The Love Of Cooking: Cook’n With Class, Paris

French Bistro Desserts Class at Cook’n With Class, Paris

Cook’n With Class, Paris

6 Rue Baudelique

75018 Paris

Metro Stop: Simplon, line 4

Top-rated cooking school Cook’n With Class teaches the greatest French delicacies you’ll find in Paris.  Cook’n With Class small group courses hold up to seven students, and are taught in three-hour sessions.  Favorite class topics include:

French bistro desserts – students gain the ability to impress with creme brûlée, fruit tarts, financiers and more.

Macaroons– covers this tricky delicacy in several different flavors and styles.

French breads – instructors show how to make three different French breads in your home oven.

Croissants – one of the best ways to bring Paris home to your own kitchen.

An especially popular option at Cook’n With Class is the Morning Market Class.  This is a Parisian cooking field trip, showing students how to select great produce.  Stops include a butcher shop, fish monger and fruits and vegetables stands.

IMG_0924 copy
Cook’n With Class, Paris

IMG_0278 copy
French Dessert Classes at Cook’n With Class, Paris

IMG_0272 copy
Baking Classes at Cook’n With Class, Paris
Photos Courtesy of Cook’n With Class, Paris

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