Brasserie Barbes, Paris

Brasserie Barbes, Paris
top floor bar at Brasserie Barbes, Paris

Brasserie Barbes

2 boulevard Barbes

75018 Paris

Metro Stop: Barbes-Rochechouart, lines 2 and 4

Hours: 8:30 am to 2:00 am

€8 to €40 per guest

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Dancing

If you can’t decide between drinking, dancing or eating while in Paris, head to Brasserie Barbes.  Brasserie Barbes is like a department store for going out.  The ground level cafe offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in a well-polished Paris cafe setting.  For a bit more formal-but-not-too-formal dining, head to next floor for a full menu of steak and fish that offers cheeseburgers at the same time. Fruity drinks and chunky desserts round out the menu.  Still can’t decide?  Climb one more floor for drinking and dancing, both going until 2:00 am.

Brasserie Barbes
ground floor cafe at Brasserie Barbes
Brasserie Barbes, Paris
drinks with fruit
Brasserie Barbes, Paris
bird’s eye view of Brasserie Barbes, Paris

Photos courtesy of Jean Vedreine


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