The Best Of Paris – Every Photo Is Frameworthy

One of the Main Points of a vacation is to get some great photos. Pictures of yourself, of your family, and of the scenery.

If you visit someplace like San Francisco, for example, you’re going to get a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Great photo for sure. After that, you might get a photo of yourself, or your significant other, or your kids in the trolley cars.

But after that, the photo ops in San Francisco could be over.

Paris, instead, offers an endless amount of photo ops. Even your Metro stop will provide a great backdrop, and some stops have their own paintings and sculptures to show off. Lunch at the sidewalk café? Start posing and looking French.

Even the photos you take accidentally in Paris will look great.  There’s a timeless, storybook backdrop around every corner.   If it’s in focus, it’s going to look frame-worthy. And the variety of subject matter will grow your photo archive quickly: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, and the list keep going for a long time.

europe sept 2007 067

There are knock-offs of the Parisian landmarks around the world. Las Vegas has a mini Eiffel Tower, as does Shenzhen, China, and some other places. Same goes for the Arc de Triomphe – lots of copies. But your friends and relatives won’t mistake the real thing in your Paris photos. None of your photos will be cluttered by a huge neon sign, or freeway on-ramp, or blah-looking building.

Professional cameras are not needed in Paris. A simple cell phone camera in Paris will make you look like you’ve been studying light and depth for years. Note that tripods can be frowned upon around the big Paris landmarks. Security guards sometimes ask for them to be removed. Luckily, you don’t really need them for a great shot.

europe sept 2007 063

Besides the backdrops, Paris provides mood weather for photos, too. Although the travel brochures don’t admit it, Paris has only 42% of daylight hours filled with sunshine. That means, on average, it’s going to be cloudy. In fact, Paris is not much sunnier than London, which has only 33% of daylight hours on the sunny side. Cloudy days can make it easier to get good photos because you’re not wrestling with the sunlight.

Take a photo of people in Paris, and you’re likely to see two things. One, you’re going to see interesting people, with stylish clothing that was not mass-produced. Paris does not grow boring folks, or allow khakis for that matter. Second, you’re going to see other people taking photos in your photo. It’s a popular pastime.
europe sept 2007 106

Unlike the Griswold family experience in the film “European Vacation”, you’ll find folks in Paris who will gladly take your photo without taking your camera with them. Just look for other folks taking pictures with cameras or cell phones. Those same people are likely to ask you to return the favor, after you just got your latest frame-worthy masterpiece.

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