Things You Can Only Do In Singapore

In Singapore, you have the opportunity to see, hear, and smell lots of new things. A few of them can only be seen, heard, and smelt (smelled?) in Singapore. Such as:

  1. Watch A Formula 1 Grand Prix At Night: Each September, Singapore hosts the world’s only Formula 1 Grand Prix that takes place after sunset. This is an especially good time to be in Singapore, as the downtown area is lit up like New York’s Time Square. If you can, find a way to watch the race from high atop a nearby hotel, or better yet the Sands Casino towers. The days surrounding the race have plenty to do as well. Recent concerts included Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, and even Justin Beiber.
  1. Experience Many Religions In One Spot: Most of the world’s religions have a strong presence in Singapore. This is a great chance to experience and observe the beauty of each of them. Check out Sri Mariamman Temple and the beautiful Hindu figures, color, and architecture of the place. Not far away you can see St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which offers a Christian Cathedral setting in the middle of a downtown park. Chinese Temple Thian Honk Keng Temple is another great place to visit nearby. These experiences may be the best Singpore has to offer, and they’re free.
  1. Have Breakfast with Orangutans: Singapore Zoo, which is one of the world’s best, offers the only chance on the globe to eat a meal with Orangutans. During your meal, which includes foods from just about every culture, a zookeeper will bring out a family of Orangutans. If you are lucky, they will bring one to your table. It will remind you of a character breakfast at Disneyland, except the monkey is really alive. The orangutan breakfast regularly ranks as one of the best experiences in Singapore.
  1. Go Swimming 55 Stories In The Air: The Marina Bay Sands Casino Hotel is made up of three 55-story towers. Spread across the top of them is an outdoor “Skypark”, which includes a 500 ft long infinity pool. Swimming in the pool gives you an unobstructed view of the Singapore skyline, 55 floors up. Not for the faint of heart, or poor swimmers. The pool is open to guests of the hotel only.
  1. Eat Durian Fruit: This is an experience you will smell long before you see or taste it. Durian fruit is widely known as one of the strongest smelling foods on the planet. In fact, durian is banned in many countries, including the United States, although the United Kingdom recently lifted its ban in early 2014. You can buy durian fruit in many places around Singapore, but you can’t take it on the metro train system.   Descriptions of the fruit’s smell vary widely, but it really can’t be related to anything else. Those that love Durian really love it. Those that don’t can’t be in the same room with it. It’s that strong.

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