Another Reason You’ll Be Happier in Singapore: Sentosa Island

Is it possible to visit Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Orlando all in the same day?

You would need a jet to pull that off, and you would only get a couple of hours in each spot.

Or, you could just go to Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Sentosa Island is an island resort in Singapore, located at the central southern-most part of the country. It is easily reachable via a main access bridge, and is only about two miles from the downtown core of Singapore. Like anywhere else in Singapore, you can get there quickly and inexpensively in a cab.

Sentosa Island, or just “Sentosa”, has grown considerably in the last decade. Prior to 2007, Sentosa was already a great recreation spot, complete with beaches, zip-lines, gondola rides, and even a spot to try the “luge”. Volleyball and drinks on the beach in Sentosa at that time was as good as anywhere in Hawaii, and not nearly as crowded.

As with most things, Singapore decided to improve on something that was already perfect. In 2007, construction began on Resorts World Sentosa. This multi-billion dollar construction project would ultimately include several hotels, a Universal Studios Theme Park, and a casino by the time it opened in 2010.

Nowadays, if you stay at the Singapore Hard Rock Hotel on Sentosa, and take a walk to Universal Studios, you’ll basically walk through Las Vegas to get there. You’ll walk indoors – which is nice in the Singapore heat – and walk past luxury shops, a huge casino, and valet attendants parking Rolls-Royces. The walk will have a very “high-roller” feel to it.

Right before you get to Universal Studios, you will pass through another shopping and dining district that is part of Resorts World Sentosa. It includes plenty of brands from around the world, including a Hershey’s candy store, and Irish Pub, and even another Hard Rock Café incase you are homesick from the one you left back at the hotel.

Universal Studios Singapore itself is a full-blown amusement park, rivaling anything in Orlando, Florida. It has seven distinct areas or “zones”, similar to the division of “lands” at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.   The zones include Hollywood, New York, Lost World (as in Jurassic Park), New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, and Far Far Away.  Plenty of rides to try out.

Many of the areas within Universal Studios Singapore are sheltered from the rain, of which there is some in Singapore. The main thoroughfares are covered by glass canopies, and many of the rides are indoors. Your walk back to the Hard Rock Hotel can be done completely indoors as well, which helps get people into the casino.

With all of the modern fun of Resorts World Singapore, it is still worth checking out the simple downhill luge ride at Siloso Beach. This is a street luge – i.e. not on ice or snow – and is completed on a simple three-wheeled cart. You can race a friend, with both of you depending on your command of steering and gravity to win. You can even purchase a photo of yourself at the finish line, just like a ride at Disneyland.

Top that off with a drink at the nearby beachfront bar, and you are back in Hawaii again.

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