One More Reason You’ll Be Happier In Singapore: One Climate

If you live in the midwestern United States, you need a big closet.  Weather ranges from the hottest hot to the craziest cold.  Therefore, you need all the possibilities of the wardrobe spectrum in your closet.  And if you want to look fashionable in all of these climates, you’ll be spending some extra cash.

Your car has to be able to handle the changes, too.  It needs to start when it’s well below freezing, and also not overheat in the summer.  It might need snow tires and even chains to get around in the winter.

Now consider Singapore.  Being only 85 miles North of the equator, there is little change in the climate.  There is only a four degree swing in the average monthly high temperature throughout the year; the range being between 86 degrees and 90 degrees fahrenheit.  Compare that to Chicago, Illinois: a 52 degree swing in average highs.

There’s big benefits to the predictable warmer weather in Singapore:

1. Saving Money:  You won’t need boots, snow shovels, and snow tires.  You won’t need to pay for maintenance for both an air conditioner and a furnace.  You can do a lot with the $500 you would have spent on snow tires.  And a new furnace in the colder areas of the U.S. can cost thousands.

2. Saving Time:  No need to take time to look up the weather, or even have the weather app take up space on the iPhone.  The weather is the same every day.  Traffic patterns don’t change due to weather, so you’ll know your commute times more exactly.  Getting up early to shovel snow won’t be necessary.  And your plans won’t change due to weather related closures at your kid’s school. There are none.

3.  One Wardrobe: Singapore has some of the world’s best business and social opportunities.  You’ll be able to look your best, as you need only concentrate on clothing for one climate.  You can have a variety of business footwear, for example, instead of a closet covering flip flops, boots, and everything in between.  This ends up saving space in your home as well.  No need for bulky parkas, snow pants, and scarfs in Singapore.

This constant climate comes with some rain, however, which will also happen nearly every day.  But Singapore’s showers bring great flowers, as shown in Singapore’s huge tropical gardens.


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