The Best American Bars in Paris are Canadian

I never found a decent American sports bar in Paris.

But I found some great Canadian sports bars.

If you find yourself in Paris longing to watch sports and drink beer, try these two places:


The Great Canadian Pub.  I learned to love the sport of Rugby at this place.  The staff and people here are amazing, and you will love the food.  Very much like a sports bar back in the US.  Or Canada.  Plenty of hockey to been seen here also.

Paris is great in the spring, but this pub is best in the winter.  Sitting by a snowy window watching rugby or hockey here is tough to beat.

Check out the website’s photos galleries and you will get a great sense of the place and its people.

Located about a block outside the Saint-Michel Metro station.


The Moose.  If the Great Canadian is closer to a dance bar (which it isn’t) The Moose is closer to a dive bar (it’s not).  The Moose has more of a mellow feel, but the staff and people are just as Great.  You’ll find perfect bar food.  Hamburgers, onion rings, french fries.

The Moose is a great spot for the early early morning Super Bowl party every year.  Be sure to check it out if your timing permits.  The Moose also does a great job with the NCAA basketball tournament.

Just up the road near the Odeon Metro station.

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