Chillin’ At The Holiday Inn

A few years back, a rap artist wrote a song about the Holiday Inn.  There’s also a great country song that mixes margaritas and the Holiday Inn. 

Here’s a price list for one night’s stay at the Holiday Inn Express around the world.  Prices listed are for a standard room, two person occupancy, Summer 2014:

Paris, Notre Dame location €241 = $330 US

London, Hammersmith location £172 = $289 US 

Tokyo, Tokyo Bay location (Intercontinental Hotel, not an HIE, but in the same family sort of) ¥19,800 = $194 US

Singapore, Clarke Quay location SGD 198 = $158 US

Hong Kong, Kowloon East location HK$840 = $109 US

Scottsdale, Arizona, North location $64.00 US

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