Pop Tarts – Around The World

So where’s the best place in the world to buy Pop Tarts?.

Let’s take a look at pricing for the standard “eight pack” of Pop Tarts, brown sugar cinnamon flavor:


Scottsdale, Arizona.  Target.  $3.50 US.

Singapore.  Fair Price, Bukit Merah.  $4.50 SGD = $3.60 US

Tokyo.  Mister Donut, near Toei Subway Shinjuku station.  No Pop Tarts, but three Cronuts for 550 Yen = $5.39 US.

London.  American Food Store, Holland Park.  £3.95 = $6.64 US

Paris.  Epicerie Anglaise, near Republique Metro Stop.  €5.75 = $7.88 US

Paris.  Thanksgiving, near St. Paul Metro Stop.  €6.50 = $8.91 US


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