Alcohol Use Around The World – In Colorful Pie Charts

Good luck finding a beer in Mauritania.

If you enjoy a drink now and then, and find pleasure in the collation of data, then you’re gonna love this:

The World Health Organization’s Global Alcohol Report.

The summary for each country looks like a mutual fund report.  Graphs, pie charts.  Colorful.  Lots of statistics.  You can get lost in the data.  I’m not sure the WHO published it for entertainment purposes, but it sure is interesting.  

– Alcohol use in Spain had been dropping for the past 25 years.

– Albania has riskier drinking patterns than the legendary Australians

– Zimbabwe’s drink of choice is not beer, or wine, or spirits, but “other”

The data goes on forever.  Take a look at your favorite spot and see where they stand.  


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