Dragon Boat Racing and the Happy Monday System

What international city has the best deal when it comes to number of holidays per year?

Looking at the number of holidays per year in some big cities around the world:

London:   Eight holidays per year. Mostly U.S.-familiar list. New Year’s, Christmas, and some bank holidays.

New York:   Ten. Sprinkled across observances of past Presidents, explorers, civil rights leaders, veterans, Independence Day and Christmas.

Paris:   Eleven. Spread across religious holidays and historical military moments.

Singapore:   Eleven. Spread across the main holidays of five different religions. Note to rest of world: pay attention to this model.

Hong Kong:  14. But one of them always falls on a Saturday, so it’s really 13. One holiday is for dragon boat racing.

Tokyo:   15. Includes support of the Happy Monday System (awesome) and Golden Week (also awesome).




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