No Fear of Flying

You or someone you know may be able to use this information.

I used to be an anxious flyer.  During that time, I had a bunch of tricks to help get me through flights.  Here’s some of my favorites:

1. Crossword puzzle books:  Most gift shops in the airport will have these.  Make sure to get the easier crosswords.  Start doing them before take off, and set a goal like “I will be scared after I do 10 crosswords”.  Unless your flight is international, you won’t get through ten crosswords, and your mind will be too busy to care about turbulence.  This was the easiest and cheapest remedy I found.  

2. Fly early in the morning or late at night:  It always seems like the skies are calmer during these times.  Maybe a pilot can prove this right or wrong.  If it’s dark outside the windows, you can’r really tell you are up in the air, either.  

3. Alcohol:  Well, if you don’t need to drive after you land, this one works pretty good.  Obviously there are side effects, like headaches and stupidity.  Tough to do when you have a meeting when you land.

4. Headphones:  Music keeps your mind off of most everything.  It’s relaxing.  If you can pick up the Bose Noise Canceling headphones, do it.  They take you to your own world.  Again, you will forget you are 30,000 feet up.  

5. Lorazepam:  Requires a doctor’s prescription, but works like a dream, because you will be asleep.  I don’t recommend this route, because it turns you into a zombie version of your exhausted self.  If you do try this route, try half or a quarter of a pill the day before the flight, just to see how it affects you.

6. Ipad:  You can load up your iPad with more games and movies to last a dozen flights.  It’s all about distracting your brain, and an iPad is awesome for that.  Probably the second most effective remedy after crossword puzzles.

7. Get on a 15-hour flight to Hong Kong: This is throwing yourself into the deep end of the pool.  You’ll be over your fear by the time you land, through either boredom or exhaustion with the idea. 

I used these tricks on a regular basis until the fear finally went away via item 7 above.  Now flying is the most relaxing thing in my routine.  


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