Tokyo Airport Camping Guide

IMG-20130210-00423A five dollar airport voucher does not go far in Tokyo, or anywhere.

That’s what you might get when your flight is delayed for 12 hours.

So you’re halfway between Singapore and Chicago and need something to do.

I hope you can keep your iPad charged, and you already loaded some good movies.  You can work on your laptop if you want, but I say screw that.

The Tokyo Airport Camping Guide – US Edition:

1) Royce Chocolate.  Royce is the Hershey’s Chocolate of Japan, and the stuff makes great gifts.  White chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.  The bars are huge, and not expensive.  Put these in with the Burberry scarf you bought as a gift.  Or skip the Burberry scarf and buy the whole neighborhood some Japanese Chocolate.

2) McDonald’s.  Hallelujah.  Familiar food.  There are plenty of places to go in the Tokyo Narita airport to get Japanese food.  That’s great if you are acclimated.  After a couple of those meals, though, you may want to run to the Golden Arches.  A Big Mac is a Big Mac.

3) Origami Museum.  You have no idea what can be done with origami.  Entire worlds can be created.  This museum/store will kill an hour, easy.  You can buy origami books and paper too.  This could singlehandedly occupy your layover time.   You can buy origami sculptures if you want.  They will cost as much or more than the Burberry scarf you are contemplating.

4) Postcard Station.  Check out the visitors station where you can stamp your postcards with a variety of Tokyo Narita ink stamps.  Great souvenir to send home, and again costs very little.  Very friendly folks at the postcard station, too.

5) Gift shops.  You may not be able to read or understand the t-shirts, but your loved ones will love them anyway.  They will know they got something from a faraway land.  And they probably don’t know about the Burberry store anyway.

In all, it’s a great place for a flight delay.  Maybe you’ll have enough time to meet your stranded flight mates, and pool the five dollar vouchers toward something really cool.


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