Exotic Food In Singapore

The first thing I ate after I landed was fish-head soup.

It’s just like it sounds.

I got extra credit for eating the eyeball.  My business associates had not ever seen a Westerner do it.

After flying from Chicago to Tokyo to Singapore, which took over 24 hours, I went right into a business meeting.  And then to lunch.  At which point someone ordered fish head soup for me.  I must have looked like I was up to it somehow.

It was provided by a vendor who also sold pig organ’s soup.

Anyway, at that point I made it my mission to find familiar food in Singapore.

If you have had enough of fish-head soup, and perhaps unrecognizable foods, here’s my Singapore recommendations:

1. Hard Rock Cafe.  This place is like the U.S. embassy for food.  They have macaroni and cheese.  And hamburgers.  I ate there plenty.  There are three of them in Singapore.  The one at the airport serves breakfast.

2. The breakfast buffet in most hotels.  The Marina Mandarin, Mandarin Oriental, and Pan Pacific all have outstanding breakfast buffets.  A good portion of these buffets are dedicated to pancakes, waffles, and omelets.  You can fill up on this stuff and brace yourself for adventurous food coming later in the day.

3. No Signboard Restaurant.  Ok, so this place will have foods you are not used to if you live in the U.S.  But it will be presented in such a way that you will like it.  They serve chili crab, which was the best Singaporean food I ate in the time I spent there.  It really is amazing.

4.  McDonald’s.  Sometimes an Egg McMuffin is the best thing ever.

5. Kenny Roger’s Roasters.  I thought this place was just a made up Seinfeld sketch until I saw it in a Singapore shopping center.  They have good chicken, and the neon sign is very bright.

6. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  You’ll find these scattered around Singapore.  You’ll even get some on the airplane if you come in on Singapore Airlines.  Great taste of home.

I got a lot of ‘feedback’ for eating mostly American food in Singapore.  But yet no one else ate the eyeball.  Come see me at the Hard Rock Cafe after you do that.




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