Cell Phone Plans Around The Globe

Let’s take a quick look at current cell phone plan pricing in some major cities around the world. To level the playing field, we will look at plans with unlimited minutes and texts. All prices listed are plan prices per month:


Hong Kong  Smartone, 5GB data:  HK$576 = $74.88 US

Sydney, Australia Virgin, 5GB data:  AUD $80 = $74.91 US

London, UK  O2, 5GB data:  £48.00 = $82.56 US

Dublin, Ireland  Vodaphone, 4 GB data:  €60 = $81.57 US

Phoenix, Arizona  Verizon, 4GB data:  $70.00 US

Singapore Singtel, 12 GB data:  S$239.90 = $191.92 US


It’s interesting to note that the pricing in these cities hover from $70-$85 US per month, with the exception of Singapore. However, if you drop back to 500 minutes and 4GB of data in Singapore, the Singtel price also drops back within the global standard range, at $80 US.



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