Meeting New People – London

Besides different currency, scenery, and TV shows, you’ll also get to experience meeting new people in London. Lots of new people.

London is of course a collection point for interesting/fascinating/mysterious/sexy people, same as any other major metro center city. This is where your new and way-more-interesting friends and spouses live.

But how to meet them? Some people are comfortable introducing themselves in a coffee shop, pub, bookstore, grocery store, and do great with it. However, keep in mind that in London, the person you are trying to connect with may not speak the same language as you, or anything close.

So again, how do you fill your social circle?

One way – a really great way – is through a social networking website called Meetup. It’s your new rolodex that will take you to the exact folks you are looking for. Meetup joins together people with common interests and lets them know about meetings (usually parties of some sort) coming up in their area. Each Meetup group is started by someone who is looking to meet people with similar or exactly the same interests.

The term “exactly” is not used loosely here. Examples of Meetups meetings in London:


– There are eight social gatherings each week involving fans of badminton.

– There is a meetup group for folks going to a music festival in London, who just want to see Aerosmith and then leave.

– There are at least 26 people meeting to listen to 1960’s jazz in a crypt under a church in London.

– At least 40 people are attending charity quiz night at the Australian embassy in London.


There are a ton more examples of ways to meet your exact people. Just reading the list of meetings on the Meetup site makes you want to move to London. It makes London look more fascinating than any postcard or brochure ever could.

The people hosting these events are typically friendly, for good reason. They started the group because they were trying to meet new people just like you are. They are often, but not always, started by folks who were not born in London or the UK.

Starting your own Meetup group is almost as easy as attending one. On the site, you enter your name, email address, and then type in your interests. At the same time, the site will suggest similar interests. “Underwater basket weaving” will suggest “basket weaving”.  

Then you’ll click a button to pledge to “create a real face-to-face community” which is exactly what you want. Meetup then sends out invites to 100 or more people it already knows that have the same or adjacent interests.

Meetup members have the option of uploading photos of themselves, which most members do. This also provides a shortcut to take you to the exact people you want to meet. “A picture is worth 1000 words.”  For sure.  


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