Spotlight: Amsterdam and “The Fault In Our Stars”

The Hotel De Filosoof (translation: Hotel The Philosopher), where Hazel, Augustus, and Hazel’s mom stayed in the film “The Fault In Our Stars”, is a real destination in Amsterdam.  Below is pricing info for the Hotel De Filosoof.  Price listed is for one night’s stay, two person occupancy, in June 2014.  Includes breakfast, as per the film:

€149 = $201 US


Hotel De Filosoof has free wi-fi, and each room has its own distinct theme – many with famous quotes from literature painted on the walls.  The hotel is shown beautifully in the film, and a quick look at the hotel website will show that the place has more to offer than the film shows.

The Anne Frank house is a ten minute cab ride, or 30 minute walk from the hotel.

Note that the Oranjee restaurant, which is featured heavily in the film, is not a real place.  However, Dom Perignon is very real and available most anywhere.



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